Omnibook is free to use?

Omnibook provides a number of feature to write, edit, share, discuss a book as it is in production. You can also export your book to different formats like print PDF or digital ebook formats. Omnibook offers all these features for free. There is only one limitation: we are launching Omnibook with the limit of one book per signed in user.

Will I remain the owner of my work when using Omnibook?

Whatever copyright applies to your work remains unchanged. Regarding the licensing, using Omnibook is the same as using Microsoft Word or any other text editor.

Can I publish my ebook on Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks and other sites?

Omnibook allows you to export your book into a digital format that is accepted by distributors like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook Press, Smashwords or Apple iBookstore. The format required to publish your book in their online bookstores is a valid EPUB. In Omnibook, proceed to “publish” after editing your book. There you can select EPUB as an output option.

Can I publish my book also in print?

Omnibook creates PDF files which can be added to print-on-demand services. As described in the previous answer, proceed to “publish” after editing your book. When configuring the PDF for print, make sure you set the paper size which is compatible the print-on-demand service of your choice.

Can I import my manuscript into Omnibook?

At the moment our standard Omnibook version offers MS Word.docx import - including heuristic chapter recognition - and import of EPUB2/3 files. Generally, text can be inserted easily into the Omnibook editor using just copy & paste.

Can everybody see my book?

If you want your book to be private and hidden from others, select “hide from others” in the book info tab. To do so, just click on the book in your dashboard and you will see “Edit book info”. Unselect this box to share your book with the community on Omnibook.

Can I collaborate with other people while writing a book?

Yes, Omnibook allows any author to create groups, share books, chat live with other authors, even invite them to read and/or edit your work. If that’s not your style, you can still lock yourself in, hide your book from the public and work alone just the way you would using a typewriter in the attic.

Why did the “create book” disappear?

If you have created or imported a book, the options for book creation or import disappear, because the current version of Omnibook is all tuned into the “one author, one book” paradigm (see also the next question).

Can I write another book on Omnibook?

Following the idea of NaNoWriMo - one author, one book, one month, one goal - we limited the offer to one book per author on Omnibook. In the future, we plan to offer more. But finish this one first ;)

How can I convert an EPUB into a Word document?

After testing a number of online services, we recommend the online service convertfileonline.com. While the site seems overloaded with Google ads, DOC conversion worked very well. The file increased three times in size but opened flawlessly. The headlines were recognised correctly, allowing the use of the MS Word table of contents functionality. All images were imported correctly, including the cover image - but it took some time to find it, because it was added to the end of the document. Based on our tests, this is the way to go when using a free online service. (Note: the DOCX conversion was not as good in our tests!)

What formats does Omnibook output?

At the moment Omnibook outputs

  • print PDF
  • screen PDF
  • EPUB
  • MOBI

Output files are ready to use, whether for print or handover to your service provider, e.g. to Amazon, iBooks, other print-on-demand or eBook stores.

Where can I find more documentation about using Omnibook?

On Omnibook there is a user manual visible to all authors (how handy ;). Read the Omnibook manual here.

What will happen to my book after my blast at NaNoWriMo?

Your book will stay on Omnibook for as long as you want. Your login will remain active and you can continue working on your novel.

What is “Booktype”?

Booktype is the content management system on which Omnibook is built. Think of Booktype as the Wordpress for book production.